About Us

In this increasingly competitive and challenging market, we strive not to be just another provider of Bullion & Jewelery. We are a company committed to our core values: our people, innovation, integrity and excellence as well as providing outstanding services and support to our clients. Whatever your needs may be, you can feel confident that experienced professionals from RMPD Jewels Pvt. Ltd. have a solution for you.


Finest Bullions

Being a reliable and trustworthy partner for the past 70-years, RMPD has stood the test of time, offering the guaranteed best price and purity on every bullion product sold. RMPD has become a prime example of providing high-quality service with customer involvement. Be rest assured we keep our focus on going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction

Coins of Highest Grade

In India, gold coins are considered not only a potential option for investment but also auspicious offerings in prayers during festivals. We, at RMPD, understand this significance and offer MMTC gold coins of superior quality of 999.9% purity. The range of specifications and design that we offer is limitless, starting from as low as 0.5 gram. Our 24K 999.9 Pure Gold products command one of the best buyback rates.

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